In another sign of the division inside the United Methodist Church, the South Central Jurisdictional Conference of The United Methodist Church is suing Southern Methodist University. SMU trustees recently voted to remove mention of the UMC from its articles of incorporation. The suit is over who ultimately has control over the university.

This suit comes ahead of next years vote to dissolve the UMC as a denomination and reform in as many as four or more new denominations. Progressives who lost this years general conference vote to remove language from the book of discipline (church law) that prohibits gay clergy and marriage, have launched an all out war against traditionalist in the UMC denomination that won this years vote.

Several days ago the United Methodist News Service published a press release from a new group within the denomination called The resist harm website includes no information on who its members are, who owns it, or its governing body are. It’s literally shrouded in secrecy. One of many radical statements made by resist harm is:

“The discrimination posed by the Traditional Plan is increased but not new. Since the “incompatibility” language was added to the Discipline in 1972, LGBTQ people have suffered inequality and discrimination in The United Methodist Church.”

Anyone familiar with the UMC knows this is absolutely untrue. The UMC has been open and accepting of gays in the church. The book of discipline makes it clear that the UMC is not only welcoming of gays in the church but also in leadership positions. The book of discipline does however preclude gay clergy and gay marriage inside the church. While that may be discriminatory on some level, it’s certainly not wholesale discrimination as progressives and resist harm would have you believe.

What’s as surprising as not, is that the UMC would allow a group that has a singular goal of denying voice to more than half of the denomination, has been given use the UMC name. The only connection we have been able to identify between resist harm and any other UMC group is that of UMCNext which represents the LGBTQIA community.

While traditionalist are looking for an amicable split of the UMC next year, the progressives seek a winner takes all approach, as long as they come out the winners. If traditionalist win in May 2020, we can expect progressives will fight to make it as difficult as possible for a smooth split of the denominations assets, properties and holdings.

Moyock Christian Fellowship (MCF) split from the United Methodist Church in August of 2019. Our founders were all United Methodist, and many consider themselves to be Methodist, though not United Methodist as a denomination. MCF News reports on matters of interest related to the split next year of the UMC as a denomination to keep it’s members, readers, facebook followers and those subscribed to this site informed. MCF is nondenominational.