By Brother Thom

Pastor’s have long been concerned about other churches enticing congregants away for their church. This is a very real concern, losing members to another church not only hurts the family of Christ, but it hurts the wallet too. Tithing keeps the doors open and ministries functioning. So the fear of members of your congregations being enticed away by bigger or better churches is very real and justified … or is it.

I think the often overlooked reality is that we want people to be happy, functioning members of a church. That shouldn’t mean a winner takes all strategy. We should encourage any member of our congregations who are searching for more than we can deliver to move on. In fact we should help them. Years ago, we had a pastor at a United Methodist Church I attended that would offer to help anyone desiring to leave, to find a new church family. He was sincere in this respect, and wanted nothing more than to ensure anyone wanting to leave, find a new home. His goal was to keep people attending a church, any church, that suited their needs. We didn’t have many people leave, but he did grow the congregation many times over.

Attending church and participating in Biblically sound Sunday school classes helps us grown spiritually and deepens our faith and understanding in our Lord and Savior. So where am I going with this, I’m headed into uncharted waters. As the United Methodist Church moves ever so closer to dissolving next year, we want to be a safe harbor for those affected by the schism in the denomination.

We are not trying to steal members away from the the fractioning United Methodist Church, nor are we advocating anyone leave whatever fragments remain of the denomination. That said we do want to provide the resources, and information on churches that might serve their needs. We are most closely aligned with the Wesleyan Covenant Association, but we will not shy away from linking individuals with more liberal LGBTQIA churches.

Our goal is to minister to the needs of a growing and diverse community of believers who are affected by the dissolution of the United Methodist Church.