Puppy Fellowship

By Brother Thom

Today Brother Mark , Brother Brian and I, embarked on the first ever Puppy Fellowship road-trip. Anyone who frequents this site knows we never shy away from a good road trip. A couple of months ago Mark decided to get a Border Collie. Aside from the great companionship this balls of fur brings to a home, Mark wanted to train it to assist him with his ministry of visiting Veterans in hospice.

So a couple weeks ago he announced it was time to pick up his new friend aptly named “Trouble.” Brian and I knew we couldn’t let Mark drive to New Bern, NC alone. After all, someone needed to pay attention to Trouble on the way back and keep the little tike entertained. So this morning we set out for the three hour drive to New Bern. As is always the case with our road trips, we arrived in no time at all. The pictures below are of Trouble and his siblings.

The trip was a resounding success until we got almost home. As usual we were talking our heads off and all of sudden (and this has happened to us before), I asked “where are we?” That’s when we realized we had driven right past the last exit home. So, we turned around and backtracked as if nothing had ever happened.

Trouble is in his new home now, meeting his new humans. We have no doubt Trouble will be a blessing to his human family, and that in true Border Collie fashion he will be herding them around the house.

God once again saw us safely home, despite our best efforts.

  2 comments for “Puppy Fellowship

  1. Mark Johnson
    January 11, 2020 at 10:56 pm

    During the first week in his new home, Trouble is climbing the stairs, exploring every nook and cranny of the house, gnawing on every piece of furniture, eating the carpets and the door stops, and become the most lovable member of the household in years. He already has a dozen toys to keep him occupied and will, I believe, end up being my daughter’s new pet.


  2. January 12, 2020 at 6:50 am

    Puppies are a great addition to any home. They will always do things that will make you question who is in charge, you or them. I suggest they are in charge. Here are a few things my dogs have trained me to do:

    1) clean up after them
    2) open the door for them (all day)
    3) prepare them meals
    4) buy them toys
    5) clean up their toys
    6) clean up poop in the backyard
    7) give them treats on demand
    8) rub their bellies
    9) to check for bad guys if they hear a noise
    10) to learn new commands


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