Do You Believe in Anything

By Brother Thom

A 2011 Associated Press poll asked the question “do you believe in anything.” There is good news in this poll, 8 of 10 respondents said yes they do. The poll went further and found that 81% of respondents believe in angles.

I came across this information after researching data discussed in an CBS Sunday Morning show shot in 2013. The video detailed the life and death of 18 year old Ben Breedlove. Near the end of the CBS interview with Ben’s parents and sister we learn that just 3 day before Ben died, he made a YouTube video about his life and illness. I have included both video’s below.

I don’t want to give too much away about Ben’s experiences, but both video’s give hope in a world that is often filled with despair. The good news is Heaven is real and the Lord has gone ahead of us to prepare our room.

CBS Sunday Morning
Ben Breedlove – Part 1
Ben Breedlove – Part 2

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