We have had a significant number visitors to all of our social media sites as well as the website. Much has been written and said in the media about the fires impacting our Brothers and Sisters in Australia. Over 25 human lives have been lost and countless numbers of God’s creatures. Australia’s government has said the fires could continue for months.

There have also been countless reports on Australia’s Koala population. These incredible little creatures are so trusting of the humans working to save them.

Today we want to focus our prayers on everyone affected by the wildfires including unimaginable numbers of creatures big and small. We pray that God bring these fires to a swift end and that no more lives be lost. May God wrap His arms around the people of Australia and keep them safe in the coming months. Many homes have been lost, so we ask for God’s hand in the rebuilding homes and businesses. We pray all these things in Jesus precious name, Amen.