I saw a facebook post about a new gay Bible. It’s called the Queen James Bible. I thought it had to be a joke, but turns out it’s not. The new Bible took the eight verses of scripture that discuss homosexuality as a sin, and completely reworded them so that there isn’t even a hint of sin involved.

This is the new progressive agenda. If you think even for a moment that progressives won’t rewrite other verses to suit their needs, you’re wrong. If you need an example of this just look at the progressives in the United Methodist Church who will have completed their quest to turn the UMC into the new Gay church in the US this coming May. The latest plan put forth and agreed to by all subgroups ahead of the May 2020 General Conference will split the denomination into two new denominations.

Traditionalist have yet to announce a name for their new denomination, and progressives will retain the UMC name and brand which has been tarnished for more than a decade over the issue of gay clergy and gay or same sex marriage. After the May vote and spilt, the UMC will be synonymous with gay church in the US.

The gay Bible is available on Amazon.