Chris Ritter at People Need Jesus, wrote a very good article on the need for another (read new) denomination. With the split and separation of the United Methodist Church not only necessary, but inevitable, the question becomes “do we need another denomination?” In my opinion, yes we do. The very fabric of methodism has been under attack for more than decade inside the United Methodist denomination. Its been a public spectacle, its been humiliating and it has cost the denomination members and most certainly potential members.

The reality is the UMC brand is no longer recognized as a beacon to the community it serves. I’m personally befuddled as to why progressives have fought so hard to retain that name. I say let them have it, along with all the business entities and lets move on.

The media will have a heyday in May 2020 after the final vote at general conference is taken. It will be national and international news. What the public will hear, even from the liberal media is that traditionalist who believe the scripture to the divine inspiration of God are leaving the UMC. What they will also hear is that progressives pressured by their gay minority will retain the UMC name, and it will become synonymous with gay church.

I want to be clear on this point, there is nothing wrong with the UMC becoming known as the gay denomination. That’s perfectly fine if that’s what you’re looking for. But let me also be clear on this, the LGBTQIA community makes up 4.5% of the US population according to the UCLA School of Law – Williams Institute. What that suggests is that the post May 2020 UMC will largely appeal to church shoppers that make up less than 5% of the population. Tom Lambrecht’s article at Good News Magazine titles “Where’s the Money,” doesn’t paint a very positive picture of the post May UMC financially. This should be a concern for all progressives and most certainly all church shoppers.

You can read my thoughts on Chris Ritter’s article at the bottom his post at People Need Jesus or below.

Comment By Brother Thom on Chris Ritter’s Article

The Protocol for Separation is a good plan. It is nearly impossible for traditionalist to fully walk with Christ in a progressive environment. The progressive declaration that that any scripture that does not support their new world of social norms, simply doesn’t apply today. But they go on to say that the scriptures they don’t like was written for someone other than them, and written for a different time and place. Again, the scriptures they don’t agree with, simply don’t apply. Think about this, if there are scriptures that don’t apply today and are not written for us, and simply don’t recognize new social norms, then what exactly do they believe in.

It seems to me that cherry picking scriptures you like, and setting aside those you don’t like … well, doesn’t make much sense.

The progressive half, if it is even is half of the UMC as a denomination are so far away from what traditionalist hold to be true, that I see no path to reconciliation between the two. Separation is years overdue. Our walk with Jesus Christ is intentional and it’s founded in our faith that every word in the Bible was inspired by God.