Did You Know that each of the David Servant devotionals we post each day are numbered 1 to 365. We just posted number 158 in David’s series today.

Did You (also) Know we started the HeavenWord 7 series when we launched this ministry. Give or take a few days since we’re not posting on Sunday’s, our ministry has only been in existence for a little more than 170 days or so.

Did You Know we share information like this NOT to boast, but instead to illustrate the power of our Lord God. This ministry is now Global and it would be easy for us to sit back and say “look at what we have done,” but the reality is “Look at what God has Done.”

Did You Know that You can join in on this ministry by sharing our website, our facebook page and our posts with others. At the bottom of every post are options to share.

Share the Peace of Jesus Christ with your family, friends and coworkers.