I was blessed in so many ways by Preacher Curtis Ponder and his journey companion Avery. So here are some of my blessings:

  1. My friend Donna Hilley out of Smoke Rise, Ga posted on her facebook page about Preacher Ponder’s journey to visit all 100 North Carolina counties in 10 days.
  2. Preacher Ponder accepted my request to follow his journey on Facebook.
  3. God called me travel a few legs of this journey.
  4. Then I met Preacher Ponder and Avery.
  5. Then I was blessed 7 more times in seven different counties.

I probably shouldn’t be bragging about the blessings I received from Preacher Ponders journey, but when God is good to you, people need to know about it.

I do have to tell you that I’m worn out from the drive, but it was well worth it. I have video from each stop and will edit it in the morning. I’m too tired to stare at a computer screen any longer tonight.

God is doing incredible things thru both the Preacher and Avery. They are a blessings to us all.

I headed back to Moyock after Manteo and my new Brothers, Curtis and Avery headed for the last 3 counties of the day. Tomorrow they head back out for day 10 and the last 10 counties. Please keep them in your continued prayers.

Check back Wednesday for the Video’s.