New Wesleyan News – Medicare During COVID-19

Medicare is here to help during the COVID-19 emergency. Your health, safety, and welfare are our highest priority. Remember, if you don’t need to go out, its important to stay home to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

To help you get the health care you need, while reducing your risk of exposure, Medicare has further temporarily expanded its coverage of telehealth services — allowing doctors and clinicians to perform dozens more additional services via telehealth. As always, contact your provider first to see if your appointment can be conducted over the phone. If you develop emergency warning signs for COVID-19, get medical attention immediately.  

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Here are additional key services Medicare has expanded due to the COVID-19 emergency:

Learn more about COVID-19 and your Medicare coverage on 

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  1. I’m glad Medicare is covering the cost of COVID-19 lab tests. Since the tests are not available here in Currituck County, do you have any idea where the tests are conducted so that I can insure Medicare gets to pay my bill?


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