Please join us in fervent prayer for Kaylee Rios and her family. The following is the most recent update her facebook page by her parents.

“We have some very difficult days ahead. We will meet with a radiologist next week for a palliative care radiation consult. The goal will be to relieve the pressure on her brain that the new tumors are causing. Kaylee will also meet her hospice team. It makes us sick to our stomachs sick to even think we are at this point. We do not have access to children’s hospice in our area, so we will have to have an adult hospice care company. Just hoping we get the right team of loving knowledgeable people. Caring for a child’s end of life is much different than adults. Pray that Kaylee gets the absolute best care. As of right now we are managing Kaylee’s pain meds so she can enjoy a little extra Xbox time and help her dad in the yard when she feels up to it. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers.”