John Lomperis, at the Institute for Religion & Democracy recently wrote one of the most comprehensive posts covering the well orchestrated attacks on traditionalist by liberals in the United Methodist Church that I have seen. He exposes the blatant attacks, mistruths and formulation of false narratives made by Mark Holland of Mainstream UMC. Oddly enough the only thing mainstream about Mark Holland and others like him is their use of the phrase.

Anyone who has done their homework on the schism in the United Methodist Church will find that traditionalist haven’t resorted to name calling, mistruths, creating false narratives and such about the liberal arm of the United Methodist Church. But out of fear of losing everything they have dreamed of (a liberal church with gay clergy and same sex marriage), liberals have gone on the attack. Liberals in the UMC have floated the notion that there are more liberals than traditionalist in the U.S., but this too is false. Seeing the mass exodus of traditionalist, the UMC’s General Council on Finance has quietly floated the reality that the post separation liberal UMC has very little chance of surviving financially.

It is time for us to stop using the word progressive and replace it with what it really is, liberalism. I have listened to liberals in the UMC explain their position as “being welcoming of all,” and “loving our neighbors.” What they will not say is “we could be assigned a gay pastor,” or “our next pastor may be in a same sex union,” or the biggest reality “we will be able to perform same sex weddings in our church.” Ask yourself why we never hear these words.

The bottom line is that until such time as liberals in the UMC come clean with their congregations, they are doing little more lying to them.

Proverbs 19:9 

A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will perish.