Lord in Your Mercy, Hear our Prayers for Kaylee Rios

Kaylee’s family made the following post on her facebook page yesterday:

“Our sweet Kaylee is having a difficult day. She woke up this morning in quite a bit of pain. Back, hips and legs. Surprisingly her head feels great but she is back in the wheelchair.Β πŸ˜’πŸ’”

She had an appointment at CHKD to check labs and it was decided based on her symptoms that it was best for her to start chemo early. Join us in praying that her pain is relieved and she continues to have good days.Β πŸ’›”

Heavenly Father we come to you in praise for everything you have provided us. Your endless grace sustains us, and your abundant love compels us to share with others the Peace of Jesus Christ.

Today we come to You in fervent prayer that You might ease the pain Kaylee is experiencing, and that her treatments slow the progression of her cancer. We ask that you wrap your arms around her family, comfort them, guide them, and protect them that they may be strong for Kaylee in her time of need.

Father God you have blessed the Rios family with Kaylee just as they have been a blessing to her. We pray a hedge of protection over the entire Rios family and a special blanket of love and comfort over Kaylee. We pray these things in your Son Jesus’ precious name. Amen

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