One day several years ago, I was carrying some heavy burdens and felt compelled to stop by the Epworth Chapel to pray. Immediately as you enter the chapel, there is a place where you can write out a prayer concern and leave in a basket, and take one out of the basket to pray for others who left a request. There were several in the basket so I took one out and sat in a pew and began praying for the hand written concern I was holding.

Honestly, I had not gotten too far along when in came a dark skinned, middle aged woman (nationality idk?). She seemed distraught as I watched her frantically going through the concerns still in the basket. I looked down at the hand written prayer in my hand and noticed that it was signed at the bottom. I asked her if she was “………..”. A little caught off guard, she said yes.

(What are the odds?) I told her that I had been praying for her, at which point she walked over, sat down, placed her head on my shoulders, and by then we were both in tears. I knew at that moment that God had orchestrated the whole thing. It was one of those God winks that I haven’t thought about for a very long time.

I only share the color of her skin as part of this story because of these current events. This truly made me think of the anger, the hurt, the battles that can be won, not by holding our fist in the air, rather on our knees in prayer. Prayer truly is our greatest weapon. Let’s use it to pray for healing, forgiveness and reconciliation in our country.

Paige G.