Brian and Mark

By Brother Mark

Brother Thom, Brian, and I spent the last three days, helping Moyock Baptist Ministries build an access ramp for an elderly lady in Chesapeake. It has been hot, humid, hard and dirty work. It however, was God’s work. It was, as is, one of the things we are here on Earth to do. There were no masks on the job, no social distancing getting in the way of doing the job, and very little talk of COVID-19, BLM, protesters, rioting in the streets, or political parties. We talked about the job and got the job done.

Each morning we prayed before starting work and we prayed when the work was done for the day. It was good, honest work and we were all grateful to be able to share in doing it.

Nothing that went wrong was President Trump’s fault, though there were some time consuming problems getting through the roots of a large tree growing near the ramp. I did not notice any angry old white men on the job; just a few guys trying to complete the project.

It was God’s work. I thank God for it.

May it please the family who needed it.