A look at Google Analytics

Today I did something I seldom if ever do, and that was to look at our Google Analytics, or in other words what’s happening behind the screen at our ministry. The first thing you need to understand is that New Wesleyan Ministries and Moyock Christian Fellowship are separate entities that are connected at the hip. Hope that clears that up.

Moyock Christian Fellowship (MCF) is born

Moyock Christian Fellowship is the first born, and grew out of our split from Moyock United Methodist Church, in Moyock, NC on August 4th of 2019. MCF took off at a pretty good pace, with a wide range of ministries that followed us from the Methodist Church. MCF flourished absent the non-biblical constraints of the UMC, which is in disarray over the issue of ordaining gay clergy and performing same sex weddings in the church.

New Wesleyan Ministries is born

By January 2020 MCF’s reach had gone international and New Wesleyan Ministries was born to better reach and identify with the global community we were reaching. You will see a better and more refined approach to the identities of these two dynamic siblings in the coming days and weeks.

So lets look at some of our behind the scenes analytics

  • We are viewed in over 114 counties worldwide
  • Most of our guests in the US come from California and Texas
  • Most of our international guests come from the UK (England)
  • Average page load time in the US is 3 seconds
  • Average page load time in Canada is 2 seconds
  • 68% of guests view our page in english
  • Our site in translated into 90 different languages
  • 56% of guests use Google Chrome as their browser
  • 50.46% of guests use Android and 49.54% us iOS
  • 72% of guests visit from an organic search
  • 21% of guests visit from social media

The way ahead

The goals we will be working on in the coming weeks and months are to expand and grow our reach in the local community while meeting the growing needs of our global community as well. This is the burden God has placed on our hearts and a burden we gladly accept.