Day: October 6, 2020

Have we lost our way when we should be following God?

Our churches have been closed and have cooperated in that endeavor. Did we ask God for permission to lock the doors of ten of thousands of His churches? Our primary responsibility to our children is to love them and train them to exist and succeed in God’s world. Yet we have made the decision to keep them out of school, keep them at home, and have accepted the blatant lies that our children are being educated. Why have we done that?

Welcome to Moyock Christian Fellowship

Moyock Christian Fellowship welcomes all who want to walk with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. We are traditionalists who believe the Holy Bible is the divine word of God written thousands of years ago, and as relevant today as it was then. Join us each Sunday as we tell the most famous stories of the Bible in easily understood lessons. Check back in throughout the week for prayer, and short messages to help top you off throughout the week.