By Brother Mark

As I write tonight, I am thinking about the past eight or nine months and how much we have allowed our lives to be changed.

Our churches have been closed and have cooperated in that endeavor. Did we ask God for permission to lock the doors of ten of thousands of His churches? Our primary responsibility to our children is to love them and train them to exist and succeed in God’s world. Yet we have made the decision to keep them out of school, keep them at home, and have accepted the blatant lies that our children are being educated. Why have we done that?

Today I went in for my quarterly examination with my doctor. For 30 minutes I listened to him while he never listened to me. I heard all about how insurance companies were greedy, how a doctor’s time is spent on everything but practicing medicine, how tests and screening are no longer adequately funded and allowed and came away feeling depressed by the entire visit. That is funny, because at the beginning of the appointment I was required to answer questions about being depressed, which I was not, so that the government can intrude into my life. What has changed this doctor? What has affected his attitude? Has he prayed to God for guidance?

In our world, people act as if God were a supernatural figment of the imagination. Most people do not believe and scoff at those who do. Why is that? In our country the descendants of men and women who pushed the borders of our nation from the Atlantic Coast all the way to the Pacific Coast and beyond, who landed men on the moon, who cured polio, invented the airplane, who fought a Civil War and granted freedom and independence to those enslaved, are now living in absolute fear of a virus which is not much more than a case of the flu. Why is that? Why have we lost our way?

I believe the answer lies in faith. When in Egypt, the Jews came to accept the idols of Egypt, they came to worship pagan Gods, the forgot that they were the chosen people. God took them out of Egypt. Within days they were wishing to go back to being slaves. They did not trust God to get them over the sea and beyond reach of the Pharaoh. God did both things. Their faith was weak and it ended up taking 40 years in the wilderness to once again learn who they were. They had lost their way; lost their belief in God.

We are the same. Most of our churches today are filled with vacant seats each Sunday. Bible Studies suffer from chronic low-attendance. Many people who do attend are only in attendance for social reasons, for networking, for image boosting. We have lost our way, lost our souls to the idols of money, status, possessions, and belief in man rather than in belief in our creator.

The mantra today is “follow the science.” The mantra ought to be “FOLLOW GOD.” God commands us over and over and over “FEAR NOT.” Get out of your homes and live. Have faith in and bask in the protection of the only God; our God in Heaven and His son, Jesus Christ.