What if God is tired of our disobedience and our lust for money, greed and idolatry?

This was originally posted on our Facebook page by Brother Mark


During the past couple of months we have been studying the exodus of the tribes of Israel from Egypt, the crossing of the sea, the march to Mt. Sinai, the handing down of the 10 Commandments, 40 years of wandering in the wilderness; all because the tribes of Israel refused to have faith in God. ALL BECAUSE THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL REFUSED TO HAVE FAITH IN GOD.

What if?

What if God has grown tired of our refusal to have faith in Him? What if God is tired of our worshipping other Gods; the gods of money, greed, possessions, arrogance, beauty; the list goes on and on. What if God, who describes Himself as “a jealous God,” is tired of His children wandering away from Him? What if God has decided to take us on another trip through the wilderness?

We do not know the origins of COVID. We do no seem to understand how this disease works. We are doing unthinkable things to our nation and to our world. Each day we move farther and farther away from God. We have allowed our churches to be closed. Our leaders threaten to shut down Jewish synagogues if they have the temerity to reopen, we are not allowed in public without masks, we have been ordered to stay away from one another, group meetings are for all practical purposes banned, jobs have been taken away by the millions, businesses have been shut down by the tens of thousands. Our world has changed and we are supporting the change.

What if God has brought this disease as retribution for our actions? What if God is angry about our lack of faith? What if God is steering us towards a guided tour of the wilderness? Who do we follow? Who do we believe? In whom do we have faith? All it takes to begin following God is a prayer. Somehow, all it takes is a beginning . . .

Dear God in Heaven . . .

Heavenly Father . . .

Almighty God . . .

Try. He can help.


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