Well today was an incredible day. We ate a good breakfast, had lively discussion, prayed and then headed back in time as we visited Walton’s Mountain. Earl Hamner’s house stands much like it did in the 1920’s. We toured his home place where he and his family lived which inspired his book, and the Walton’s TV show. In 2017 Carol Johnson bought the Hamner house when it went up for sale for the first time. She later acquired the vacant lot next door where she built a Bead & Breakfast that mirrors the house from the TV series which was different from the actual Hamner house. Carol gave us tour of both homes which are part of her Bed & Breakfast. Visit John & Olivia’s Bed & Breakfast Inn for details on staying there.

We were fortunate to have Carol give us our tour. She is a Walton’s groupie and knows every detail of the TV show as well the Hamner family. It was such a fun, interesting, and informative tour. When we finished the tours, she invited us to sit the Hamner living room, where she answered our questions and told us so much more about the Hamner’s.

Later we headed back to our cottage, had lunch, then fellowshipped until dinner time. Bother Mark brought some incredible ribeye steaks. I was allowed to demonstrate my newly learned restaurant style steak cooking process that comes out so well. We gave thanks to God, ate, fellowship some more then we received communion,

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