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On the surface, seem much more caring than those farther back in history. I like to believe that over the centuries we have slowly come to listen more closely to the word of God. I like to think that man is growing more tolerant of others, more aware of the needs of those around us, and is doing more in general, to help all of those in need. I like to think that we have formed safety nets for those in need of protection. I read and hear about different forms of aid for the hungry, the poor, for those in need of medical attention, for those of different races and beliefs, and for those of color. Supposedly, society has created paths to equal opportunity in education and has put into place laws to help with obtaining jobs and housing for all. We have destroyed many of the barriers to crossing borders into other countries, and here in the United States of America, treat anyone making it into this nation, as well, or better than, citizens of our country. All of these things form wonderful pictures and sound as if we treat our neighbors as ourselves.

What we hear and what we see may not be true. Sometimes it seems as if we want only to read the words that are kind to us; the words with which we agree. The Bible however, is a book of instruction, a book that tells us what we should do, and also tells us what we should not do. In many respects, the Bible is like a parent providing children with the rules that govern life. A good parent not only rewards their children for doing the right thing, but also punishes their children for doing the wrong thing.

Reality is very dependent upon attitudes and beliefs. Those who disagree with laws, rules, and regulations, the mandates that affect our families and our homes; things such as the standardization of education by state and national governments, the myriad of “stuff” now dictated by the government “swamp, “that invisible government that surrounds us all, are considered obstacles, obstructions to progress, fringe people hindering change.

What does any of this have to do with sexuality? Moyock Christian Fellowship is a religious group; a gathering of men and of women who follow the word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Bible, our primary source to that word and for those teachings, has nothing good to say about any of the behaviors inherent to any of the l,g,b . . . alphabet groups. Among the behaviors chastised by the Bible are lusting, sex between men, sex between women, sex outside of marriage, sex with relatives, sex with animals, and more. The Bible is a guidebook for living with, and honoring God and living with our neighbors. It is the Christian basis for morality, for law, for family, and for self. Moreover, it is a book about faith and grace. At this moment in time, our belief in the Bible places us into conflict with the government and with many of our neighbors. In particular, our belief in the Bible places us into conflict with our government. In our country, the United States of America, our Constitution requires, even demands, the total separation of church and state. At this moment in time the government is intruding into religion, and more generally is attempting to circumvent the Constitution.

Our government has become a “swamp.” It is like a low-lying area towards which waters filled with filth are draining. The government creates laws, rules, and regulations concerning every subject under the sky. It attempts to make equal those things that are not equal. For example, though the Bible says that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman, the government has changed the meaning of marriage to include men marrying men, and women marrying women. Even though the behaviors inherent to same-sex marriage are condemned by the Bible, current society is forced to accept and honor those sins. Our government representative, who lie, cheat, steal, and pass laws designed to help them line their own pockets, mandate that our daughters be required to use public restrooms at the same time as males calling themselves female. Government officials reside in multi-million dollar compounds paid for with money stolen from tax payers, are guarded by security personnel paid with our taxes, and are driven by drivers funded by the misuse of government dollars. While this is going on these same officials are trying to eliminate the only source of protection available to the average citizen, that is, our guns, the right to which are mandated by the Constitution. Our representatives deny that we are a nation founded under God, even though our currency is imprinted with the words “One nation, under God.” Our government stands by quietly while the ignorant burn our cities, loot stores, take whatever the desire, and riot in masks, identities, hidden, night after night after night. If those agencies designed to protect our country are not allowed to do so, I have to step in and protect my own family. Our government has dictated the closure of churches week after week, month after month for the entirety of the past year. Our government mandates that biological males, proclaiming that they are female, be allowed to compete in female sports. Our government has become the source of the problems it is supposed to prevent. What we see from our government today is the result of its inability to resist the idols of power, money, greed, and sex. Our government is corrupt.

In the United States, a little over 4% of the population is said to be somewhere on the l,g,b,t . . . continuum, yet the remaining 96% of the population is forced to accept the activities and beliefs of the few. We have to look at, hear about, and be insulted by the behaviors, beliefs, and desires of that 4% who are wrong, who are sinning. We have to turn on our televisions to the spectacle of men kissing men, attend movies filled with homosexual behaviors, and expose our children to things to which children should not be exposed. Until recently, many of these things were considered pornographic.

There is one more group that sanctions the behaviors of the few. That group is the church itself. Church is a multi-billion dollar industry. God is a rock star for those worshipping money and power. When churches cater to the alphabet of sexuality, they are catering to billions of dollars, millions of new participants, none of which are condoned by the Bible. Those of us who believe the Bible to be the word of God are becoming fewer and fewer with each passing day. Christians are becoming just another fringe group for a society that believes only in itself. I guess that would make Moyock Christian Fellowship, and others who believe as we do, splinters in the side of Christians. So be it!

In our world, the behavior of a transgender person is no worse, no more an affront to God, than is a 13 year old discovering his sexuality while masturbating. That is what we believe. The behavior of a homosexual man in the midst of sodomy is no worse than shop lifting. That is what we believe. The behavior of a bisexual male or female is no worse than me getting upset and screaming at my wife. That is also what we believe. None of the behaviors on the l,b,g,t . . . continuum rate more, or less, consideration than does the behavior of a Jew or a Muslim eating a slice of bacon. I am sorry about that. Right is right, wrong is wrong, sin is sin. Get over it. If your sexual behavior is different from my sexual behavior, I really don’t care. I believe in the Bible. The Bible tells what beliefs I should condone, and it tells me what beliefs are wrong. I go by the Bible. What I really disagree with is the constant dialog about sexuality. No more than I would run into a store and announce that I am a shop lifter, would I look around and say, “I’m queer. What do you think about that?” As Rhett Butler said in Gone With the Wind, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” We forgive you for your behavior. We love you no less and no more than anyone else. God forgives you for your behavior. God loves you no more and no less than anyone else. Only after your death, after your judgement, will you find how your life has been valued by God. So do us all a favor; shut up, stop talking about how the world mistreats you, and live your lives. If your behavior is a sin, and it is, the government is full of sinners willing to tell you that your sin is legal. Just consider the source of your support . . . and it isn’t

God.Blessings to us all.