The founders of MCF are former United Methodists who left the denomination in August 2019. Many of our members, subscribers and guests are current and former United Methodist. We routinely post updates on issues affecting the UMC.

Article 304.3 is the law.

Liberal bishops who assert control over many of the denominations business entities including United Methodist Communications, continue to push their “in your face” agenda on homosexuality in violation of current church law contained in the book of discipline. Article 304.3 of the discipline states “The practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching. Therefore self-avowed practicing homosexuals1 are not to be certified as candidates, ordained as ministers, or appointed to serve in The United Methodist Church.” “Self-avowed practicing homosexual” is understood to mean that a person openly acknowledges to a bishop, district superintendent, district committee of ordained ministry, board of ordained ministry, or clergy session that the person is a practicing homosexual.

Linton season devotionals.

Karen Oliveto, first appointed openly gay bishop in the UM

In 2020, the Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church decided to focus this Linton season on dismantling racism. Bishops from the denomination have recorded short devotional videos each week on the topic.  Lenten devotionals offer an opportunity to confess and fast from the sins of racism, discrimination, oppression and exclusion, and feast on the beauty and blessing of the diversity of God’s Church. 

First openly gay bishop.

This week, Bishop Karen Oliveto of the Mountain Sky Annual Conference and the first openly gay bishop appointed in violation of church law, led the devotional for 10 March 2021.  Liberal bishops have been obsessed with racism since the death of George Floyd. At MCF we are in agreement that Floyd’s death was unnecessary, but we also acknowledge that he was a convicted felon allegedly in the commission of another felony at the time of his death.  Video of the incident shows that Floyd was resisting arrest, and toxicology reports from his autopsy confirm he was high on fentanyl at the time.  None of these facts justify Floyd’s death.

In the days, weeks and months following Floyd’s death, the UMC has published article after article on racism nearly every week and in some cases more often.  A casual reader would assume the denomination has a real problem with racism in its churches.  This of course isn’t true, but nonetheless the appearance is there. 

Violating church law.

Allowing Oliveto to lead the devotional for 10 March certainly shows the denomination is inclusive, but it also highlights their willingness to openly violate church law.  Oliveto says that “United Methodists are becoming an antiracists people.”  This statement seems to confirm the appearance of rampant racism in the denomination I mentioned earlier.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I wish I could say I don’t care about what these bishops are doing, but I do.  While it’s true the denomination isn’t technically hiding their beliefs on various liberal issues, it’s also true they aren’t doing a very good job of explaining them to their members either.  Congregations a most local churches have very little understanding of what’s happening in the politics of the denomination.  In fact, the leadership of some churches are literally wolves in sheep’s clothing when it comes to this issue.  They are fully intent on their liberal leanings, but never express them to the congregation. The UMC has always been welcoming of gays, and clearly states so in their church law, but they often speak in code. If your bishop or pastor says the phrase “welcoming of call,” what they are actually saying is welcoming of ordained gay clergy, and same sex weddings.

Let me wrap this up by first saying that racism is not rampant in the United Methodist Church, but liberal bishops would have you believe it is.  Second, conservative congregations are currently supporting liberal ideologies that they don’t agree with financially.  Lastly the split in the denomination can’t happen soon enough for the protection of traditional Methodists.

Final thought.

I fully support the rights of all, including gays, to live their lives under the protections of the constitution, state and local laws. I have both gay family and friends, and I love each dearly. I have written about sin as detailed in Leviticus 18:22 many times, and I’m unwilling to set aside any of God’s commandments. I’m more concerned about liberal bishops in the UMC openly sinning by flaunting church law than I am with their desire to ordain gay clergy (in any new denomination they may form). Finally, I’m saddened that conservative bishops have not insisted on equal time in UMC media to express their concerns over these issues.