The founders of MCF are former United Methodists who left the denomination in August 2019. Many of our members, subscribers and guests are current and former United Methodist. We routinely post updates on issues affecting the UMC.

Yes, you read that headline correctly.  The liberal progressive arm of the United Methodist Church just paved the way for its first, gay and practicing drag queen to be ordained.  The Illinois-Great Rivers Annual Conference (IGRC), Vermillion River District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOM) unanimously approved Isaac Simmons, an openly gay man and publicly practicing drag queen, as a candidate for ministry.

Simmons performs under the name Ms. Penny Cost at various venues and has also performed at Hope Church’s Sunday services.  His personal life is intertwined with his spirituality, queer life and performing as a drag queen.  Simmons and his fellow congregants pray “In the name of God the Mother, the Father, and the trans-identifying person of color.” 

Neither being gay or a drag queen specifically disqualify someone from cadency for ordination.  However, current church law disqualifies a practicing homosexual from ordination, and the District Committee on Ordained Ministry is required to look at the whole candidate.  Is leading or participating in ministry while wearing drag reflective of Wesleyan traditions. 

I think this is yet another sign of the circus like atmosphere the post separation liberal progressive UMC will become.