This past month I have been deep in consultation with The Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), while in study for our Sunday Bible Bites series on the Old Testament.  This study has exposed me to a number of Jewish Religious Scholars, with great wisdom.  This morning God landed me on the website of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, based out of London, U.K.  A post on his website titled Danger ahead – there are good reasons why God created atheistsHere, Rabbi Sacks tells this story:

Rabbi Sacks

“DO YOU believe,” the disciple asked the rabbi, “that God created everything for a purpose?”

“I do,” replied the rabbi.

“Well,” asked the disciple, “why did God create atheists?”

The rabbi paused before giving an answer, and when he spoke his voice was soft and intense. “Sometimes we who believe, believe too much. We see the cruelty, the suffering, the injustice in the world and we say: ‘This is the will of God.’ We accept what we should not accept. That is when God sends us atheists to remind us that what passes for religion is not always religion. Sometimes what we accept in the name of God is what we should be fighting against in the name of God.”

Chief Rabbi Emeritus [of the United Synagogues of the British Commonwealth] Jonathan Sacks

Let that sink in. What sins are we fighting against in the name of God?