Over the past several weeks something wonderful has happened among the many great things God is doing at Moyock Christian Fellowship.  We have had two new pastors and one rabbi subscribe to our website.  We have over half dozen known United Methodist pastors in the greater Hampton Roads area already following our ministry, and possibly more that we are unaware of, and a number of Baptist preachers too.

Why is this wonderful?

God has given only one teacher his entire works and word and that is Jesus Christ, His one and only begotten son.  The rest of us in ministry have a story to tell, but in varying degrees, ability, discernment and understanding.  I believe we all have something to learn from one another, at least I do.  I learn something new every time I hear someone preach, and that should be our goal.  If we stop learning, we will most certainly become stagnant in our own messages.  We should all continually be looking to grow our relationship with Jesus and walk along the narrow path and thru the narrow gate.


I draw a great deal of inspiration from others in ministry, and I think I have subscribed to nearly all of the pastors, teachers, and rabbi that subscribe to our content.  Several days ago, Pastor Kape’t Kamalayan in the Philippians subscribed, and as I was looking at his site this sentence really struck me as on target: “I am a pastor not by denominational affiliation but by a personal commitment to my Master – A Jewish Carpenter!”


We are called to ministry by our maker, our master, a Jewish Carpenter. We left a denomination several years ago to start this ministry, that prized a process, and an educational path, far more than it did a calling to work for a carpenter. We sadly saw firsthand how that process took a pastor away from his congregation to focus on education. We also saw how that education did nothing to prepare pastors to lead a congregation, minister to them and to their community. There’s nothing wrong with education, but if it becomes more important than the product, failure will ensue.

The product

When asked about his success, Elon Musk the man behind the Tesla and Space X said that companies were failing because they focused on making money instead of the product they were selling.  His point was clear, if you take your eyes off of the product and focus on making more money, the product will fail.

The same is true in ministry, the product is delivering the Gospel, ministering to everyone you meet, and working for a carpenter.  When all of our time and energy is focused on adding college credits to our resume or appeasing a conference bishop instead of focusing on the product, we will fail.  This lack of focus on the product has seen many denominations split, just as we’re seeing today in the United Methodist Church. 

Staying centered

Knowing men of faith like these pastors and following what they are saying, doing, preaching, pastoring, and mentoring can keep us centered not only in who we are as employees of the carpenter but as builders of a great product that is free.

Let’s get to work on the product…