Since the death needless of George Floyd, UMNews has bombarded its readers with “Social Justice Warriorism.” Article after article and post after post were focused on “systemic” racism. Pastors jumped on the train, mostly being conducted by liberal bishops. As a former United Methodists, I was surprised to read how racist my old denomination was, but there it was week after week. Posts on ending racism were all over the UMC. Programs to help United Methodist to become “WOKE,” were popping up, leading readers to think how horrible the white man must be.

Fake News

If you believed everything the UMNews published, the takeaway would be that the denomination was itself systemically racists.  All of this is untrue, at least I hope so and I even believe so.  In all my years as a United Methodist, I never saw one instance of racism.  In fact, I saw the very opposite.  So, like many, I was surprised to read week after week posts on racism, and all stemming from George Floyds death.  What all of the posts left out was the notion of personal responsibility.  While Floyds death was unnecessary, it could have been prevented had he had personal responsibility.  After all, he was a convicted felon, allegedly in the commission of another felony, high on illegal drugs, resisting arrest at the time of his death.

Missed Opportunities

UMNews pandered to Black Lives Matter and overlooked a tragic events capability to do good.  By that I mean while we mourned the loss of a life, we should have used it to remind others to stop resisting arrest, and more importantly to stop committing crimes.  Instead, too many jumped on the “me too movement” train of irresponsibility.  This fueled the flames of fires being set by BLM across the country.  A learning moment that may have saved countless lives was missed not by accident, but on purpose.

Ugly Underbelly

Now more than a year after Floyd’s death, the ugly truth that is the BLM organization, (not the movement) is coming fully to light.  There has been no accountability for the millions of dollars raised by BLM, and more importantly nothing directly supporting black communities has ever been accomplished by the organization. 

All things must end

I have written about these issues on several prominent United Methodist platforms, and maybe someone at UMNews was listening, because just as fast as the pandemic ended two weeks ago, the relentless posts on racism have ended too.