Moyock Christian Fellowship Surpasses 100,000 Views on YouTube

Moyock Christian on YouTube

We want to boast a little bit, and yes we know that’s a sin. In this case, we want to boast about how good our God is. My faith tells me that God will forgive this sin, and for that I am thankful. We work hard at Moyock Christian Fellowship (MCF) to deliver messages from God, scripture from our Holy Bible, and commentary on events affecting Christians locally, statewide, nationally, and around the world. As the headline indicates, we just went over 100,000 views on YouTube. I can’t say it enough, God did this, we simply served out His purpose here on earth. I recently delivered a two-part Sunday message (Part I here and Part II here), on being a Christian, Following Jesus Christ, and will top that off with another soon on being a Disciple of Jesus Christ. Now, I have to tell you, though we have a good number of views, we haven’t met the subscriber threshold yet to gain control of advertisements. This means YouTube does all of the ad placement and reaps all of the revenue, so please subscribe. The central focus of those messages is that being a Christian, a Follower, or a Disciple does not come easy. It’s not a passive activity.

From the inception of MCF, we have accepted every task, assignment, project and command of God the Father. Often, we have done so with no idea how we would accomplish what was being asked of us. We did however have faith, that God would provide the means to meet the mission. He did every time. From time to time we discuss our finances and the many ministries we support with God’s gifts. We’re 100% self-sustaining financially, we don’t solicit tithes or other gifts outside of the three founders at MCF. That may change someday, but for now, that is what we have been called to do. I should caveat that with one exception, several years ago we took on a project to build what turned out to be a pretty expensive handicap ramp project. We received help from a couple of folks financially, and we’re grateful for that.

God has used our ministry in many different ways, and yes we have felt taxed at times, but we never stopped moving forward. God continually encouraged us, and He most certainly has rewarded us spiritually for our efforts. From providing Passover Meals to those in need in Israel, over 6,000 miles away, to providing Christmas for children of the incarcerated, as well as sending them off to summer camp for a week here in North Carolina. Now the numbers here are confusing, but here goes. God has allowed MCF to provide Christmas for 15 kids last year, 16 this year, so 31 in total. Of that the 31, we donated thru another church for 9. Now for summer camp, we have directly funded 12 with God’s gifts.

This morning Brother Mark informed me that The Twelve ministry needs four more turkeys, so off goes Mark to get them. That brings the total for turkeys this year to 18. Twelve to The Twelve and six to American Legion Post 288. I cannot emphasize enough that none of this would be possible without God guiding us in our direction. If all of that isn’t great enough, God had us launch THE 25:40 PROJECT, in August which will serve as our Flagship Ministry for reaching out to the Least of these Brothers and Sisters of ours (Matthew 25:40).

We invite you to come and grow with us, hear God’s word unfiltered by society’s desire to appease sinners, join us in growing God’s Kingdom, and most importantly making Desciples of Jesus Christ in all Nations.

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