Moyock Christian is New Wesleyan

A ParaChurch

There are many advantages to being a ParaChurch, but chief among them is the ability to support, work with and come along side other churches.

As a ParaChurch we have no brick and mortar building, but we do have a strong foundation in Jesus Christ.  We are traditional methodist and centrally focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Origins.  New Wesleyan split from the United Methodist Church in August of 2019.  We are in fact still in our infancy as a church, but we are growing at a pretty incredible pace.  We are part of the community of more than 80 million Methodist worldwide.

Mission.  Certified Statistics indicate that more than 50% of American’s nation wide do not attend church.  We want to reach out to those individuals and families, providing short sermons, messages and devotionals, along with short and easily understood scripture.  Essentially, our primary goal is to make connecting with God, easy for everyone, everywhere.

We understand that many individuals for myriad reason are:

  • unable to attend a brick and mortar church,
  • many may not have considered attending church,
  • are looking for a church or
  • maybe looking for an on-line experience.  

It is our hope to connect with the community of believers on their terms.

Goal.  To transform our community and the world by making disciples of Jesus Christ.  In doing that we hope we can help people find a brick and mortar church in their community  For those not looking for a brick and mortar church experience, we hope they find home here with us.

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