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2 Kings 2 – Elijah, Elisha, Burning Chariots, Double Portions

Brother Thom introduces us to the second book in Kings where Elijah travels where God sends him, followed by Elisha who witnesses Elijah caught up in a whirlwind to Heaven. Chariots are on fire and horses are flaming as Elijah receives his double portion. Never timid Brother Thom dives into the deep end of the pond to discuss the misguided who kneel in protest during our National Anthem, and explains who they unwittingly show submission, reverence, and respect for our Anthem and our Flag.

Fifth Day of Passover – Fast of the Firstborn and Chametz

It is tradition that the first born male in each home fasts, commemorating God’s act of sparing the firstborn Jewish sons from the plague that killed Egyptian children.  Every firstborn male is required to fast, however provisions are made for those unable to fast by participating in a meal marking a mitzvah (good deed).  In some traditions the firstborn daughter participates in the fast.

Second Day of Passover – What Christians Should Know

Today is the Second Day of Passover, and today I want to share with you a few scripture readings on the night of Passover itself.  I’ll be reading from Chapter 12 of the Book of Exodus, King James Version.  We start in verse 12 where God is addressing Moses and Aaron, and God says ..

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