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Isaiah Summarized with Brother Thom

We have been in the Book of Isaiah for 7 weeks, and we might be moving on to the next book at this point. We’ll see what Brother Mark has planned for next Sunday. Isaiah has been incredible and there is so much to cover, discuss and think about. If you have any questions about this series please send us a note at

If you’re a member of a traditionalist United Methodist Church, you might need to watch this…

Members of the United Methodist Church are in the midst of one of the worst disintegration of a denomination in U.S. history. Progressive liberals in the denomination control much of the hierarchy and thus weld much power. These liberal bishops and district superintendents are intent on making the schism (split) as difficult as possible for traditionalists who believe in the literal word of God.

The 25:40 Project delivers the third load of winter clothing to the homeless on the Virginia Beach oceanfront

The Lord provided us a beautiful day to make a clothes delivery to the homeless in Virginia Beach.  The 25:40 Project is our Flagship Ministry at Moyock Christian Fellowship to reach out to the “least of these brothers and sisters of mine.”  In that capacity, we are guided by God, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in delivering services where we are able.

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