From the Lost Vaults … The Magic of Christmas, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and caring for “The Least of these Brothers and Sisters”

On 6 December 2020, as we gathered to share a common meal at breakfast, followed by our weekly message, we discussed our desire to bless someone this Christmas. We talked over several ideas on how we could use God’s gifts to improve someones life, and let them know that God loves them. Nothing concrete came out of our discussions other than to explore what needs in our community we might help. Sadly, Brother Mark contacted several government agencies to no avail.

MCF Men’s Retreat – Update #2

Well today was an incredible day. We ate a good breakfast, had lively discussion, prayed and then headed back in time as we visited Walton’s Mountain. Earl Hamner’s house stands much like it did in the 1920’s. We toured his home place where he and his family lived which inspired his book, and the Walton’s…

MCF Men’s Retreat – Update #1

Hopefully you read our post yesterday about our first Men’s retreat since founding this church in August 2019. I took 7 men on a retreat at the church we were with in 2018 to Wintergreen, VA for a 3 day retreat. It was a great event, but the mass exodus of members leaving our old church including the the three founders of MCF prevented us from holding a second retreat.

Moyock Christian Fellowship (MCF) Men’s Retreat

This weekend the men of MCF will retreat to the mountains of Virginia for a period of reflection, meditation, prayer, study, fellowship and meals around a common table. We will take Communion each day of the retreat.

Who is He? — By Daryl Madden

Daryl left a comment on one of our posts and so I check out his page. He’s got some pretty awesome stuff there. Click on his byline at the bottom of excerpt to read the entire poem. Who is He? He’s a God who’s gentleEndlessly creativeBeyond generousOne so innovative Musical, artisticArchitect of geniusAn engineer so…

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