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Welcome all of our new Guests from Around the World and here at Home

Moyock Christian Fellowship is seen in 127 Countries around the World as of this morning. Some of those countries are not hospitable to Christians. Thanks to the medium of social media and the internet, we’re able to go places every day in our ministry that our feet will never visit. We give all the Glory to God, and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see where He is taking us. I must admit some of these countries I have never heard of, but I look them all up. We pray everyone around the world has access to the Holy Bible, knows Jesus Christ, and is able to worship without fear. Where is God taking you today?

Who is He? — By Daryl Madden

Daryl left a comment on one of our posts and so I check out his page. He’s got some pretty awesome stuff there. Click on his byline at the bottom of excerpt to read the entire poem. Who is He? He’s a God who’s gentleEndlessly creativeBeyond generousOne so innovative Musical, artisticArchitect of geniusAn engineer so…