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This is what’s in the news and affecting Christians and Methodist in our community, across the nation and around the world.

Walmart Caught Selling Satanism; Amazon Caught Selling Pedophilia – Have Ye Not Read (27 Mar 2019)

Will New Methodist Denominations lead to Uniformity or Diversity? – Hacking Christianity (19 Feb 2020)

GC 2020 – The Protocol’s 100 Local Church Hurdle – PlaneGrace (19 Feb 2020)

Liberian United Methodists React to Separation Plan – Institute on Religion and Democracy (19 Feb 2020)

An open letter to United Methodists – The Christian Post (19 Feb 2020)

What Separation Means for U.S. Churches – Good News Magazine

Where’s the Money? – Good News Magazine

A Protocol for Peace – Good News Magazine

Revelation and the Gay Experience: What Would John Wesley Have Said About This Debate? – Christian Today (1996)

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