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Our Sunday Message for January 3rd, 2021 comes to us from 1 Samuel – Jonathan and Davids Friendship – God Said It, That Settles It!

In this episode of Moyock Christian Fellowship’s Sunday Bible Bites, Brother Thom digs deeper into the relationship of Jonathan and David. Thom takes a look at this story and how many progressives think that this relationship was of a homosexual nature. In exploring this issue, Thom takes a look at other scripture that has been misconstrued by progressive Christians. The story of Noah and his son Ham in Genesis 9:20-27. As in the story of Jonathan and David, some have taken extreme liberties with their views and understanding of what happened here. Later Thom explores the most controversial scripture to gays and the LGBTQIA+ community, Leviticus 18:22 where we read that man lying with a man as with a woman, is an abomination. Thom wraps this lesson up with the effects of the words of some Pastors and church leaders have on the gay youth, and then closes with a look at all sin and how we should all desire a friendship like Jonathan and David had.